Surgery_ClinicNo medical or health professional would advise patients to reject specialist advice in favour of online research. Yet concern is being expressed that practice managers are making vital decisions about insurance without getting proper guidance and support.
Anyone running a modern day vets, doctors, dentists, opticians, or other medical surgery or clinic has an uphill battle to juggle the day to day management. A multitude of surveys point to rising running costs, increased red tape and the headaches caused by electronic record systems as being the top three concerns. This could well be leading many medical practice decision-makers to opt for the apparent “easy and cheap” option of online insurance policies.
But rejecting specialist advice and support from independent local insurance brokers like us can leave
medical surgeries and clinics exposed to potentially terminal consequences. We work closely with clients in
this sector to take into account all aspects of your operations, including any special considerations that
come from your location. We also look at the numbers of staff you employ, their “field of operation” such
as whether they work outside the surgery as well as inside, and the potential risks they face and the types
of equipment you specifically use.
With this clear picture, alongside extensive industry knowledge and well established contacts in the UK
insurance market, we can research the right policies, with correct levels of cover, as well as finding highly
competitive premiums. This will ensure you have effective cover for your buildings and contents including
loss or damage of medical equipment, refrigeration failure, money kept on the premises, locks and keys,
and glass or sign replacement.
But we could also make sure you have the right protection against business interruption, employee
sickness, and the costs of bringing in locums. It’s likely that much of your work is based on electronic
records – so if you lost all your data for any reason, does your insurance sufficiently cover you to get back
to business quickly and without losing patients?
One of the most worrying aspects of running medical surgeries and clinics is the ever present threat of a
lawsuit. Employers and public liability cover will protect you against such things as accident and injury to
employees and patients while they are on your premises. But specialist professional indemnity and specific
legal expenses cover needs to be added to the mix to guard against potentially crippling claims for
compensation and court costs.
We can pinpoint the right level for all these sorts of insurance, to make sure you are not paying for cover
you don’t need, as well as ensuring there are no gaps or cracks to trip you up. Then if you do ever need to make a claim, we are local, accessible and responsive. No haggling with faceless call centres, we can start
processing your claim as soon as we receive it.
We can take over all the hassle and paperwork to help bring the claim to settlement swiftly, leaving you
free to carry on juggling all the other challenges you face each day. So bringing in the appropriate
specialist with the right diagnostic skills, could be vital to the wellbeing and health of your surgery.