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Surgeries_insurance_1Visit a modern medical centre, dental practice or veterinary surgery and the variety of equipment needed to operate effectively is staggering; dental chairs, devices such a nebulisers, defibrillators and sterilisers plus all the specialist instruments. Vets have even more equipment to meet the needs of a wide variety of animals; from scanners and X-ray imaging to dental equipment.

Equipment in modern surgeries is expensive and that is before other items such as computers, phone systems, furniture and security is considered.

Many medical practices have combined into larger health centres to provide a more comprehensive service to patients. The result is a much larger building, more staff and an increase in the number of patients. Minor surgeries and implants can now be done by the most modern medical centres saving trips to the local hospital.

With technological advancements, equipment such as lasers are expected to become increasingly popular with dentists for producing crowns, bridges and models using 3D printing.

Veterinary surgeries or hospitals will be caring for animals in their custody, possibly overnight.
When considering insurance cover, a one size fits all is not going to give you the protection needed for your individual surgery.

Using an experienced broker will give you access to providers who can tailor a policy to ensure you are adequately covered if you need to make a claim so you can recover the full value of a loss.

Tailored insurance for your practice
As well as covering all your expensive equipment and buildings, you will need to consider loss or damage to drugs and vaccines which are often refrigerated.

Because your surgery is used by the general public of all ages, some of which may vulnerable to accidents whilst visiting your building, higher limits of public liability insurance may be needed.

Business interruption insurance
This would cover loss of income if the surgery had to be closed due to fire or flood. It will also cover temporary costs while you get back up and running such as:
  • Additional staff
  • Relocation
  • Security
Cyber Crime insurance
Cyber attacks are particularly high with medical centres and healthcare practices vulnerable to more attacks than most other sectors.

With highly confidential patient records being valuable to hackers who can sell them on the black market, your practice will need cover for a variety of risks that you could be exposed to such as recovering your computer systems, security experts to support your team, compensation claims and managing any negative publicity.

To make sure your surgery is protected from the risks involved in running a busy medical, dental or veterinary practice, call one of our account managers on 0121 321 4600.
Surgeries_InsuranceRunning a modern surgery, whether it’s doctors, dentists, veterinary or any other type is difficult enough without having to worry about adequate insurance cover.

Finding the right insurance policy to cover your surgery should be evaluated with care to make sure you are covered for the right replacement value and risk. Every practice is required by law to have employer’s liability insurance if staff are employed. You should also consider public liability, buildings and contents, business interruption and legal expenses.

Insurance brokers such as CLA can provide advice on property valuation, contents, legal expenses cover and any other insurance you may need such as business interruption.

Public liability insurance
Dealing with the public brings a multitude of risks and any business that is exposed to a claim for compensation should consider this cover a necessity, even though it is not a legal requirement. Defending a claim, even if not successful, can be very expensive.

Surgeries are often a higher risk than most business premises. A constant stream of patients, sometimes vulnerable or animals in pain can present volatile situations. A simple fall in surgery, personal assaults or damage to a patient’s property while on call are typical claims that can be covered.

Often included as part of your business insurance, public liability insurance can also be arranged as a standalone policy. Cover is generally for £5million; however, we recommend surgeries need up to £10 million depending on their local authority’s requirements or business risk.

Other cover can be arranged separately, if needed, for medical malpractice.

Buildings and contents insurance
Valuing your surgery to ensure sufficient cover is available for rebuilding may require an expert valuation to take account of special permanent fixtures you may have installed.

Contents cover will include medicines, vaccines, medical equipment, furniture and personal belongings. You will want to be adequately insured to be able to replace all these items at today’s prices. Regular valuations are recommended to include items brought in temporarily to deal with seasonal requirements such as flu vaccines.

Business interruption insurance
Often overlooked, business interruption insurance can be added to your policy to cover loss of revenue if an insured loss results in your surgery being closed for repairs.

If you experience a fire or flood for example and are unable to open your surgery for months while repairs are carried out, business interruption insurance will cover costs relating to the incident. Closure means loss of income, temporary relocation costs, storage or removal fees which are all covered.
Business interruption insurance will provide the financial support to keep your surgery operating and financially secure while repairs are carried out.

Legal expenses
Always worth considering because legal fees to defend disputes, including tax investigations by HM Revenue and Customs, can be very expensive. We recommend this cover because a single dispute can put a surgery in serious financial distress.

Surgeries Insurance
Insurance for surgeries requires specialist knowledge and experience for dealing with the specific claims incurred by a busy practice. CLA can provide advice and support when it comes to making a claim to ensure you keep your surgery protected to enable you to maintain your service to patients whether human or animal.
Supported_Living_InsuranceTo be clear on which health care sector supported living insurance is aimed at, it is worth clarifying that it covers the domiciliary care and supported living service providers and is targeted at agencies and companies providing care at home.

Care homes insurance covers owners of buildings used for residential care of the young, vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our society.

With the growth in our ageing population and, in a lot of cases, resident’s preference to remain in their own home, a whole range of support services are needed through local homecare services, local authorities and agencies. These services can include:
  • Housekeeping and domestic work
  • Cooking
  • Nursing and healthcare
  • Carers respite service
  • Personal care
  • Gardening and repairs
Home health care is one of the fastest growing sectors in the health care industry and organisations providing these services face many risks whilst carrying out their daily tasks.

Due to the very nature of their working environment, travelling and working at different locations and in potentially unsafe households where risks are difficult to control, insurance cover with a wide range of benefits is required.

A “one size fits all” approach may not give you the most suitable insurance cover. This is where an insurance broker such as CLA will be able to research several providers and tailor a policy that is most appropriate for your business.

Employers liability insurance, public/product liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance are essential.
  • Other insurance cover you would expect include:
  • Business interruption
  • Mistreatment
  • Legal expenses
  • Personal accident and fidelity guarantee
  • Computer and business equipment
Call us for a quotation for your bespoke insurance requirements on 0121 321 4600.
Residential and non-residential care homes face a wide range of risks due to the very nature of the work they carry out and the vulnerability of their residents.

With many high-profile stories in the media and concerns over health and safety, care homes are under pressure to deliver support to an increasing number of the most vulnerable members of our population.

Care_Homes_insuranceThe social welfare sector including private and public care providers, charities (not for profit organisations) and social enterprises provide care and support to the young, vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our society.

Because of the nature and diversity of risks involved in this sector, an insurance broker is well placed to provide the expertise and advice needed to cover your responsibilities to your employees, vulnerable residents and members of the public.

As well as your building and contents insurance, your cover will need to include some of the more challenging aspects of support such as abuse, breach of professional duty and medical malpractice. Accidental cover for your employees, voluntary workers and visitors will be necessary to protect you against claims that could damage your reputation and funding.

Care and health consultancy
Identifying the challenges and risks involved in running a care home plays a vital role in managing and minimising the effects these may have on your organisation.

A consultant will be able to help improve your management systems and identify any areas of weakness. This can have a major impact on reducing incidents and in some cases reduce your insurance premiums by demonstrating your commitment to maintaining good working practices.

Health and safety support and risk assessments can be carried out and improvements made to reduce incidents and comply with legal requirements.

Care homes insurance cover
Insurance is available for a wide variety of care homes:
  • Children’s homes
  • Rehabilitation units
  • Residential units for learning disabilities/autism
  • Special schools (residential and non-residential)
  • Mental health residential (non-secure)
  • Supported living
  • Foster care
The scope of cover can include third party responsibilities, employee liability, asset protection, cyber and data risks, legal expenses, book debts, deterioration of stock and inspections.

For a complete breakdown of cover and to find out more about what the consultancy includes, please call one of our team on 0121 321 4600.
Surgery_ClinicNo medical or health professional would advise patients to reject specialist advice in favour of online research. Yet concern is being expressed that practice managers are making vital decisions about insurance without getting proper guidance and support.
Anyone running a modern day vets, doctors, dentists, opticians, or other medical surgery or clinic has an uphill battle to juggle the day to day management. A multitude of surveys point to rising running costs, increased red tape and the headaches caused by electronic record systems as being the top three concerns. This could well be leading many medical practice decision-makers to opt for the apparent “easy and cheap” option of online insurance policies.
But rejecting specialist advice and support from independent local insurance brokers like us can leave
medical surgeries and clinics exposed to potentially terminal consequences. We work closely with clients in
this sector to take into account all aspects of your operations, including any special considerations that
come from your location. We also look at the numbers of staff you employ, their “field of operation” such
as whether they work outside the surgery as well as inside, and the potential risks they face and the types
of equipment you specifically use.
With this clear picture, alongside extensive industry knowledge and well established contacts in the UK
insurance market, we can research the right policies, with correct levels of cover, as well as finding highly
competitive premiums. This will ensure you have effective cover for your buildings and contents including
loss or damage of medical equipment, refrigeration failure, money kept on the premises, locks and keys,
and glass or sign replacement.
But we could also make sure you have the right protection against business interruption, employee
sickness, and the costs of bringing in locums. It’s likely that much of your work is based on electronic
records – so if you lost all your data for any reason, does your insurance sufficiently cover you to get back
to business quickly and without losing patients?
One of the most worrying aspects of running medical surgeries and clinics is the ever present threat of a
lawsuit. Employers and public liability cover will protect you against such things as accident and injury to
employees and patients while they are on your premises. But specialist professional indemnity and specific
legal expenses cover needs to be added to the mix to guard against potentially crippling claims for
compensation and court costs.
We can pinpoint the right level for all these sorts of insurance, to make sure you are not paying for cover
you don’t need, as well as ensuring there are no gaps or cracks to trip you up. Then if you do ever need to make a claim, we are local, accessible and responsive. No haggling with faceless call centres, we can start
processing your claim as soon as we receive it.
We can take over all the hassle and paperwork to help bring the claim to settlement swiftly, leaving you
free to carry on juggling all the other challenges you face each day. So bringing in the appropriate
specialist with the right diagnostic skills, could be vital to the wellbeing and health of your surgery.