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Health and Safety Assist

Making safety a habit

Health and Safety Assist is an online portal. This secure online resource provides access to your own safety management hub. The portal will help you simplify and efficiently manage all of the documents necessary to meet your health and safety responsibilities and comply with the relevant standards for your business sector. There are also a host of added benefits that you can exploit as the portal becomes more bespoke to your business.

The service includes:

  1. Reminders of anything/everything that needs to be done saving you time and money.
  2. Tasks and “to do” lists managed centrally and allocated individually.
  3. Your questions always answered at a time to suit you.
  4. The system will keep all information (conversations, activities, documents, tasks, events) in a structured format in one secure place that is always available.
  5. All of your documents and administration in one place with easy (multiple) access.
  6. Extended Risk Management benefits across your business.
  7. A boost to business insurers and a real positive for underwriters.

The portal provides:

  • Document storage.
  • Action plans.
  • Sector related documents.
  • Accident incident and claim management support.
  • Personal calendar.
  • Task management and discussions.
  • Live chat “Ask the Expert”
  • Audit trail.
  • Secure access.
Better management means lower premiums
By using our portal, you will be able to demonstrate (at any time) that you have a system in place for organised, effective management of your safety documentation, training records and risk assessments etc. Every business has most of this in place but very few can easily and quickly put their hands on it and rely on it being up to date.

The system also extends to provide bespoke solutions for your business and a raft of other resources. By working with our provider, you will improve your processes and minimise your exposure to risks. Experienced consultants are on hand to offer advice and generate a bespoke action plan for your business.
Joining Health and Safety Assist and working with our provider will not just improve your organisation’s health and safety management it will save you time and money.

Using this platform, CLA will be able to source the most suitable liability insurance policy, to wider markets at reduced insurance premiums because insurers will be able to see that health and safety standards and Risk Management best practice are working to help reduce their risks and exposures.

Contact one of our Account Managers for more information about this service or complete the form below to request access and start making the safety of your business a habit.