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Charities Insurance

Charity insurance provides protection for your charity or hospice against a range of risks. Charities have unique insurance requirements, so to provide the most effective cover we will find out what your organisation needs before providing a solution.

Our charities insurance is flexible enough to meet a wide variety of organisations including Charities, Not For Profit organisations, Community Interest companies and Social Enterprises.

The policy includes public liability insurance to cover you for those vital fundraising events, making sure that your charity is covered should an accident occur.


Specific insurance your charity will need:

Public liability insurance
In our increasingly litigious society, this covers your organisation if a third party such as a visitor or member of the public is injured, or their property is damaged due to your negligence.

This is particularly useful when putting on fundraising events. Public liability insurance will protect against claims for incidents such as slips and trips as well as legal fees which could double or triple the cost of a compensation claim.

Employer’s liability insurance
This covers you if one of your employees or volunteers sustains a physical or psychological injury during their employment. Claims for damages and compensation awarded against you will be covered under your charity insurance policy.

Trustee liability insurance
Trustees or other responsible members of charities such as governors, directors, council members or officers carry considerable responsibility for decisions and actions made on behalf of the organisation.

For example, if a claim is made against a trustee for a wrong decision, without trustee liability insurance to protect them, the trustee may be liable to pay the legal costs to defend the claim and pay compensation out of their own pocket.

Professional indemnity insurance
This protects your organisation from legal costs and expenses, damages or compensation awarded against you if one of your employees (including agency employees) makes a mistake, provides incorrect advice, is negligent or is dishonest. It also covers loss of documents or data, unintentional breach of copyright and/or confidentiality and defamation and libel.

Business interruption
This covers costs involved in keeping your charity running in the event of an insured incident; for example, if your property was flooded and alternative accommodation was required until your buildings were habitable again.

This covers a range of insured events such as fire, theft, malicious damage, storm, escape of water and impact.

Other insured risks to consider:

Cyber risks
Legal costs, IT security and regulatory expenses are covered if sensitive information held on your computer system is lost or stolen due to a cyber-attack or network interruption.

Employment law protection
If you are involved in a dispute with one of your employees, legal costs and expenses would be covered under the policy.

This covers you for any loss of money or goods caused by theft or fraud by employees and computer fraud or fraudulent transfer instructions by third parties.

Entity defence
Legal costs and expenses would be covered if your organisation is faced with a claim for corporate manslaughter, breach of contract or HSE investigation.