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Supported Living Insurance

With an ageing population and an increase in the number of vulnerable people requiring assistance from support workers and carers, there are a growing number of organisations providing the care needed to ensure that they live at home and stay independent. Our supported living insurance provides agencies and companies with comprehensive cover for their employees, volunteers and service users.

By taking out our supported living insurance, you will also have free support from one of the leading care and health consultancy firms who can provide assistance with:
  • Care planning and care risk assessments.
  • Care quality audits.
  • Procurement of services and tendering with local authorities.
  • Staff and volunteer training.
  • Business improvement and growth.
Call one of our team to find out how they can support your care services.


Our policy benefits include:

Public liability insurance
This covers your organisation if a third party such as a service user or member of the public is injured or property damaged due to your negligence.

Our specialist policy also includes abuse cover which you may not always find in all insurance policies. This protection provides insurance against an incident or alleged incident involving someone in your care.

Professional indemnity insurance
This protects your organisation from legal costs and expenses, damages or compensation awarded against you if one of your employees makes a mistake, provides incorrect advice, is negligent in their duty of care or is dishonest. Cover also includes medical malpractice which is unique to our policy.

Employer’s liability insurance
If one of your employees or volunteers sustains a physical or psychological injury during their employment, claims for damages and compensation awarded against you will be covered.

Management liability insurance
This covers directors, officers, trustees and managers within your organisation. The policy provides cover for legal costs damages and compensation in the event of a claim.

Buildings and contents (owned by the policyholder)
This covers a range of insured events such as fire, theft, malicious damage, storm, escape of water and impact.

Other insured risks to consider:

This covers you for any loss of money or goods caused by theft or fraud by employees and computer fraud or fraudulent transfer instructions by third parties.

Cyber risks
Legal costs, IT security and regulatory expenses are covered if sensitive information held on your computer system is lost or stolen due to a cyber-attack or network interruption.

Employment law protection
If you are involved in a dispute with one of your employees, legal costs and expenses would be covered under the policy.

Loss of gross revenue/gross and increased cost of working
Extends to include loss due to or caused by vermin, contagious or infectious illness, food or drink poisoning, pollution, failure of public supplies and denial of access.

Legal expenses
Costs, expenses reasonably incurred for which you may be made liable for by an order of the court.

Book debts
This covers your inability to collect outstanding debts following damage to your business records.

This covers your goods whilst being transported in any vehicle in connection with the business for all risks.

Deterioration of stock
This provides replacement of stock lost as a result of breakdown of/or damage to freezers, refrigeration and cold rooms.

Loss of registration
This covers compensation for the depreciation in the value of the premises or reduction in turnover following forfeiture of your registration certificate as a result of circumstances beyond your control.

If you are the owner of a care home, our care homes insurance will provide all the cover you need for your employees, volunteers and service users.