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Private Health Insurance

Health insurance is an increasingly viable option to compliment NHS services by providing prompt access to an experienced specialist or consultant when you need a swift diagnosis or treatment.

Providing the condition does not exist when you take out the insurance cover, any new condition will be covered under the insurance policy.

CLA can provide advice to help you select from a variety of insurers to give you the most effective cover that will meet your requirements and budget.



Private medical insurance policies have been developed to provide different levels of cover depending on your needs, for example; fully comprehensive cover provides for all of your medical costs from diagnosis through to aftercare and can include cancer care.

Alternatively, you can choose to cover treatment and care after the initial NHS diagnosis which will help to reduce your premium costs.

Whichever cover you choose you can expect fast access to a private consultant and private hospital facilities as soon as you fall ill or are injured. Other benefits can include:
  • Access to drugs
  • Support from experts
  • Health advice
  • Cancer treatment
  • Discounts and offers from related providers