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Headlines about fist fights at weddings and the rise in accidents due to binge drinking don’t make happy reading for managers and owners of hotels. With venues being sued at ‘the drop of a hat’ and operating in an intense work environment means staff injuries are increasingly common. But yet this high risk sector could well be one of the worst at understanding the ‘claim game’.

Working in the hospitality industry can be challenging but insuring your business doesn’t need to be. From protecting the building and contents to loss of business and licences our Hotel insurance is designed for Hotels, Bed & Breakfast and Guest Houses.  We will ensure that we will accommodate your needs as well as you accommodate your guests.


Insurance can be complicating, our short guide is designed to help hotel owners understand the insurance required.

Buildings Insurance
If you own the property this can be covered against damage to the structure. If you are only a tenant you can insure against damage to any improvements you have made. You should also consider insuring what is in your grounds such as outbuildings, swimming pools and playing surfaces.
Contents & Equipment Insurance
This should cover the contents of your hotel. You should specify particularly expensive items, items kept outside, things that may be removed from the hotel, alcohol, temperature controlled stock, money and electronic equipment. Cover can be extended to include property belongings to guests and staff.
Public Liability Insurance
Designed to provide cover should a member of the public suffer an injury. It is amazing how many times members of the public make claims against the hospitality trade for slips and trips.
Products Liability Insurance
This provides you with protection if you were to supply something to a member of the public that causes injury and illness.
Employers Liability Insurance
This is a legal requirement and should cover you and your business if an employee suffers an injury, including part time and seasonal staff.
Business Interruption Insurance
If your hotel suffers a claim for theft or damage you may then suffer a reduction in income. It will cover the lost income.
Engineering Insurance
This can include the statutory inspection of lifts, boilers, air conditioning and the costs and expenses should equipment break down.
Personal Accident & Illness Insurance
This will pay a financial benefit to the hotel if an employee is injured or ill and unable to work.
Cyber Liability
This can cover costs & expenses relating to losses or disruption of own or third party data following a malicious or accidental information security incident.