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Pubs & Restaurants

We know from experience that there are a variety of risks involved in running licenced premises. This can include personal injury, property damage and loss of earnings to name a few. Our Pub & Restaurant policy is developed specifically for the industry for single location restaurants, wine bars and public houses.

For any pub or licenced trade premises, insurance is essential. Some forms of insurance are compulsory for licensees and others are optional. At CLA (Risk Solutions) our Pub Insurance cover will provide protection against a wealth of situations providing you with complete peace of mind. From a nightclub to a traditional country pub we have you covered. So ask yourself where do you stand if a customer injuries themselves in your pub?  


What type of cover can I get?
  • Property Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Liquor Liability Insurance
  • Disaster Insurance
  • Theft Insurance
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
What are the most common club/pub accident claims?

1) Accidental injuries to customers
Include slipping accidents due to drink spillages on the floor. Other injuries include cuts from broken glasses or injury from defective bottles.
2) Assault and acts of violence by customers to other customers
If you are attacked by someone else in a bar or club this is considered a crime of violence. As such criminal injuries compensation is available so long as the police have been involved and you have attempted to assist the police in whatever way possible.
3) Accidental injury to members of bar staff
Bar staff should be protected from accidents by keeping the work environment safe which includes dishwashing and glass washing facilities and other potentially hazardous equipment.
4) Assault of members of staff by customers
If you work in a bar or club there is quite often the risk of physical or sexual assault from drunk customers. You need to ensure that you are protected against any claims made by staff.
5) Customer assault by door staff/bouncers
If a customer is subjected to an assault by door staff they can make a claim against the pub owners for injuries inflicted.