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Driver Assessment

As with all areas of workplace health and safety employers have a duty of care to carry out driver risk assessments. Not only are driver risk assessments a legal requirement in their own right they can also prioritise the individuals most in need of driver training. Whether you are looking to carry out driver risk assessments online, on road or even to train one of your employees to carry out the assessment for you we are able to assist with this service.


The following risk assessment courses are available:
  • Psychometric Risk Assessment Tools - measure drivers' attitude towards driving
  • Driver Profiling - considers vehicle technology and hands free devices in addition to driving attitudes
  • Online Driver Package 
  • Driver Development
  • On-Road Courses - to identify areas of driving to be developed
  • Licence Verification - enables organisations to ensure their drivers are entitled to drive on the companys' behalf safeguarding against fines and even prosecution.
  • Driver Assessment - Inhouse or external courses to assess the ability of drivers within your organisation.