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Mobile Data

Mobile data is designed to give fleet operators the tools to sustain a high performing operation - one that's operating at optimum levels of efficiency and safety. Research has shown that this type of technology can significantly reduce crash rates, levels of risky driving, and fuel and accident costs. It can be used to help inform risk assessments of either of drivers or journeys. It can be used in investigations following crashes and incidents. It can also be an aid to training and reviewing employee driving performance at performance appraisal.


This technology can help employers to:
  • Analyse the real driving behaviour and standards of their staff who drive for work
  • Provide tailored, personalised feedback to drivers to help them improve their driving or reduce their exposure to high risk driving situations
  • Identify driver training and education needs of at work drivers
  • Identify other ways of reducing a drivers' risk e.g. changing journey schedules
  • Incentivise lower risk driving and 
  • Reduce cost with savings paying for the investment into technology