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Risk Management

Telematic systems were originally designed as navigation aids but with the progression in technology these devices are being used more and more as a risk management tool. 

Accidents not only cause damage at a personal level but also threaten the viability of a company with vehicles off the road, drivers in hospital/injured and the ever present threat of corporate manslaughter.


Motivating your drivers and providing them with effective ongoing coaching to help them drive safely is key to reducing your fleet risk. 

Top positive approaches to fleet risk management: 
  • Focus on saving lives of your drivers and the public
  • Working together to cut costs
  • Empowering your drivers with coaching tools and reporting to allow them to achieve measurable safety and fuel efficiency
  • Provide drivers with immediate and objective feedback, helping them recognise and self correct risky and inefficient driving behaviours
  • After analysis provides fully supported training and development 
  • Research shows that most drivers will often change their behaviour on their own without requiring management intervention, freeing managers to focus on other business issues