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Working as a tradesman or contractor can be a risky business and therefore having the correct insurance cover in place is of paramount importance. Our contractors all risk insurance is designed to protect you from the physical loss, destruction or damage to construction works during the course of construction. So whether it’s professional or general liability insurance you are looking for we have it covered!


Our Contractor All Risk cover includes;
  • Cover for damage to permanent and temporary works and free issue materials, whilst on site and whilst in transit to and from site.
  • Cover for owned and hired in plant and machinery
  • Up to 12 months cover after completion for contractual obligations forming part of the maintenance or defects liability period.
Our Contractors Plant & Equipment cover includes;
  • Cover for owned and hired plant, machinery and temporary buildings.
  • Cover for legal liability under contract for loss or damage to the hired in plant.
  • Cover for legal liability under contract for continuing hire charges as a result of this loss or damage.
Ten things an insurance broker will ask when renewing your construction combined policy:
  1. The amount of money the business has paid out in wages for the year?
  2. How many people are you currently employing?
  3. Any additional wage roll payments to labour only and bona fide sub-contractors?
  4. What are the trades of the bona fide sub-contractors?
  5. A detailed breakdown of revenue
  6. What is the height and depth limits that the company works too?
  7. Maximum value of any one contract? Hired in Plant and Annual Hiring Fees? Value of owned plant and equipment including temporary?
  8. Have you had any claims made against you within the last five years?
  9. What level of security do you implement at your business premises?
  10. Do you have a written health and safety policy in place?