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Freight Forwarders Liability

Firstly it is important to establish exactly what is covered within the scope of such a policy and what it is not:

It is not insurance for cargo.

Cargo owners have a legal and insurable interest and can be ultimately responsible for obtaining marine insurance to cover their cargo.

Freight forwarders need Liability insurance to cover “errors and omissions” and “legal liability”.

Cargo can however be included within the cover depending on the freight forwarders terms and conditions, which would need to be understood and incorporated within the policy by insurers. Losses will be limited to the maximum amount under those trading terms.

Freight forwarders should therefore encourage cargo owners to take out adequate cargo insurance. This can be done in two ways:
  1. We are able to provide an “Open Cover “ facility to enable freight forwarders to put in place cover for customers who wish to provide them with a facility to  insure goods as part of the overall service provided by the forwarder.
  2. Alternatively, we can arrange a single consignment or annual marine insurance policy cover directly with any customer the forwarder may introduce to Bollington CLA.


This cover is available for International freight forwarders and covers marine liability insurance.

As alluded to earlier, cover includes legal liability insurance and also can be extended to include the following aspects:
  • Your legal costs for defending claims
  • Clerical errors and omissions made by your company
  • Containers and trailers on hire
  • Financial loss incurred by you following any loss or damage to goods
  • Temporary storage costs incurred  that may be needed following an incident
This is a very specialist area of insurance, our experienced Account Managers will be able to discuss your exact requirements and offer advice.