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Goods In Transit

Are the goods that you carry on behalf of others covered? Goods in Transit insurance protects couriers, haulage firms and other transportation companies for claims made for goods lost or damaged while in their vehicles. If you are manufacturing, buying or selling finished products, components or raw materials you should also consider this cover. 

Why is it important?

Every time you send out freight by a carrier you are in effect entering into a contract. The RHA Conditions of Carriage is the core of the contract and although you could add or alter these with sufficient agreed written notification, in most cases these standard terms will apply.
  • Don’t rely on the supplier to insure the goods
  • Do you know what cover you are getting? Are you comfortable in dealing with an overseas insurer if you need to make a claim?
  • Don’t rely on the haulier or carrier to cover the goods


Our policy cover includes:
  • Liability for goods that are transported subjected to the CMR Convention both in UK and Europe
  • All risks cover
  • RHA conditions of carriage cover
  • Cover in respect of your liability as a carrier or bailee 
  • Liability for goods carried under your own conditions of carriage
  • Liability for property in the custody or control of a sub-concontractor
  • Loss or damage to own tarpullin, sheets, ropes etc.
  • Expenses incurred in debris removal, transfer of load, resecuring etc.
  • Loss or damage to containers for which you are responsible which you do not own or lease
  • Consequential or indirect loss
  • Personal effects of drivers
  • Cover for loading and unloading of property and temporary storage
  • Cabotage 
  • Strike and roadblock cover and cancellation of scheduled ferry crossing due to adverse weather