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Motor Fleet Insurance

Whatever type of commercial fleet insurance you need, we can provide flexible affordable cover for all of your vehicles. From company cars and small vans to HGVs, whether small or large fleets, our experienced account directors will discuss all of your fleet insurance requirements with you and source the most suitable insurance policy to match your needs.

We provide motor fleet insurance for a variety of sectors including emergency services, government agencies, public transport, taxis and commercial fleets.

You may also want to consider:
  • Fleet GAP insurance; for ultimate peace of mind, see details below.
  • EASYPAY fleet insurance; for new businesses without a motor fleet track record or companies finding it difficult to obtain fleet cover through existing insurers, see details below.
Use our Fleet Calculator to get an estimate for your fleet.


Fleet insurance is a type of insurance that will cover four or more vehicles under one policy. This has many benefits and can save many of the hassles that would arise from having different van insurance policies, or other types of auto insurance. Fleet insurance is generally used by companies that use vehicles to travel for business purposes but can also benefit an individual that drives many vehicles. 

Policy Cover: 
  • A nationwide network of repairers
  • 24 Hour emergency helpline
  • Free windscreen repairs
  • New for old cover on cars and vans
  • Courtesy cars and vans when customers are off the road
  • Full cover for driving in any EU member country as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland (365 days a year)
  • Legal Assistance as standard for all levels of cover
  • Cover for trailers and in-built devices 
Fleet GAP insurance
Protect your fleet investment by taking out fleet GAP insurance. As more businesses turn to long term leasing, the risk of a shortfall in insurance cover if the vehicle is written off is becoming more common. Depreciation of new vehicles is high, therefore the GAP between your insurer’s market valuation and the vehicles value to you can be high.

Fleet GAP insurance is an optional policy that can be added at any time to your existing motor fleet insurance. Fleet GAP (top up) covers vehicles up to 44t GVW and agricultural vehicles. It provides a flexible insurance policy that includes full recovery of the value of your vehicles in the event of a write off.

For example, if one of your vehicles is written off, your motor insurance policy will pay out the current market value. However, this amount may not be enough to buy an equivalent vehicle or cover the outstanding finance/lease agreement.

With fleet GAP there are three settlement options available:

1. 25% of the total loss valuation up to the sum insured.
2. If your vehicle is on a finance agreement, we will pay your finance company on your behalf up to the sum insured for the amount that you owe to them following the total loss of your vehicle where the early settlement amount exceeds the Insured value.
3. If your vehicle is on a lease agreement, we will pay your lease company on your behalf up to the sum insured for the amount that you owe to them following the total loss of your vehicle where the termination charge exceeds the insured value.

Cover is available to vehicle fleet operators as long as:
  • Your vehicle was under 10 years old at the start date of this policy.
  • Your vehicle is covered by a comprehensive motor insurance policy throughout the period of insurance.
  • Your vehicle is registered in the United Kingdom.
  • Your vehicle is not used for daily or weekly rental purposes.
  • You are the owner or registered keeper or person/company named as the hirer/lessee in a contract hire/leasing agreement of the vehicle.
  • You have paid the insurance premium for this policy.
For more information, call us to discuss your requirements with one of our Account Managers

EASYPAY fleet insurance
This is a new and innovative insurance policy specifically aimed at businesses struggling to find suitable fleet insurance; for example, new businesses that have not yet built up a claims record or have poor credit ratings and would benefit from a flexible method of paying their premium without any finance charges or credit checks.

Features include:
  • Guaranteed annual premium/rate per vehicle for the entire 12 month period.
  • No finance agreement.
  • Monthly payments with no finance charges (£1,000 minimum policy premium).
  • Policy can be cancelled at any time during the year, if required.

For more information, call us to discuss your requirements with one of our Account Managers.